Liv dress

U$S 2.625

Kefi goes beyond a simple word; It encapsulates a state of mind, a contagious enthusiasm that radiates in each piece of this sewing collection. Each clothing is meticulously made carefully to the smallest detail, using luxurious fabrics, intricate adornments and innovative techniques to bring this magical essence to life. Long chiffon dress with one shoulder. *As haute couture, our garments are all produced by hand, with a maximum lead time of 15 working days. For custom-made garments, changes in color, embroidery, fabric, etc., please add them to the purchase notes and we will let you know.


“Would you fancy this exquisite dress tailored to your unique measurements or perhaps in a different hue? Or perhaps you envision a special customization? We invite you to share your envision with us at info@mariansaud.com, and we will bring your desires to life in the most splendid manner.”

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